Hola Amigos, I am Frida Kahlo. I consider myself a fighter, a believer in love, beauty and freedom! My dress is the traditional Mexican dress. I am very proud of my Mexican heritage! I am only 17 inches tall, but I stand proud and adorn myself with flowers because it makes feel beautiful! I live my live to the fullest of my capabilities. In my heart, I can soar! I love to paint, especially flowers- they make me so happy. My favorite thing to say, is “viva la vida” which means, “hooray for life!”.
My hair is a combination of paint and wool and my face is painted with acrylic paint. I have pretty pouty lips and don’t worry I cleaned up my mustache for you but not my eyebrows- I am very proud of those! I am beautiful and kindhearted and would love to be your friend. I have many friends but I need a special friend and confidant whom I can tell all my hopes and dreams to. I am a great listener and I am very passionate- although I won’t be able to help it if you become a revolutionary on my account! However, I will give you my friendship unconditionally. Maybe we can just sit and keep each other company? Until we meet, dear friend, I await patiently. Hasta pronto, mi amiga!

My dolls are unique, one of a kind and created far and few in between. They are all handmade, hand painted and sewn by me. I enjoy making these so much! They are all made with cotton muslin and carefully picked fabrics including vintage fabrics and laces. They are stuffed with polyester stuffing and the hair may be felt wool, roving wool or some nice fabric suitable for hair. I do not recommend play for these dolls as they are delicate and hand-painted but rather as home decor, or even in a nursery away from little hands. Other than the occasional companion at a “tea party” they are not for handling. Please message me for any additional questions.

Each doll will be carefully packaged and sent promptly.

Frida Kahlo


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