Hello, I’m Annabella. I’m a very nice girl, soft around the edges and quite girly if I say so myself! My hair is a beautiful black like Snow White- so my mom says- but mine is made out of wool felt. She hand painted my face just like the paintings she makes! I’m quite lucky, you know, because I look almost real- I even love to pretend I’m real!I’m sure I will be some day... Of course, that would depend on how much you love me and wish me to be real. 

Some would say I’m a pushover but that’s only when I’m not propped up correctly. I do so love to just sit and look pretty. I adore making new friends and I’ll keep all your secrets, I promise! I’m really not much of a talker anyway. I’m kind of shy, I must admit. Sadly, I’m not very good for playing with small children but I’ll still make a great companion until they grow up and someday can treat me like their favorite real sister. Gotta go, I’m getting all prepared for you to take me home! I’ve got my bags packed and can’t wait to meet you.

My dolls are unique, one of a kind and created far and few in between. They are all handmade, hand painted and sewn by me. I enjoy making these so much! They are all made with cotton muslin and carefully picked fabrics including vintage fabrics and laces. They are stuffed with polyester stuffing and the hair may be felt wool, roving wool or some nice fabric suitable for hair. I do not recommend play for these dolls as they are delicate and hand-painted but rather as home decor, or even in a nursery away from little hands. Other than the occasional companion at a “tea party” they are not for handling. Please message me for any additional questions.

Each doll will be carefully packaged and sent promptly.



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