a b o u t  t h e  a r t i s t

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Patti moved to the United States when she was just two years old. She is a self- taught artist having developed a love for art at a young age by sketching the cartoons she saw on TV.


She met her husband and self-proclaimed "roadie", Andy, on a blind date and had three children shortly after they were married. Andy loves working in his shop and hand-makes each of the wood canvases that Patti paints on. The two are currently based in Orlando, Florida and travel to various art shows throughout the Southeastern United States on the weekends.

Patti is inspired by whimsy, colors, lights, fabrics, old love letters and vintage photographs. She paints to evoke a sense of youthfulness and joy in the heart of the beholder, no matter what their age. 

Studio photography by Megan Bielfelt

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